Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cafe Rio style shredded pork

Pork roast (I prefer the butt roast... it cooks really tender and falls apart)
5 cans tomato sauce
3 cloves garlic
4 cups coca cola
2 tsp cumin
3 cups brown sugar
4 TBS Molasses
1/2 tsp salt
pepper to taste

This recipe makes a ton of sauce so I would highly recommend you cut it in half. I made a 2.8 pound roast the other day and it still had a ton of sauce.

Place all of the ingredients in a crockpot on low heat for about 8 hours or until the roast falls apart with a fork.

I had this at a neighbors the other night and we had it in a burrito using Costco's uncooked tortillas and added some yummy rice, black beans, cheese, tomatoes, avacado, cilantro lime dressing and cilantro. YUMMMM!!! It was delicious!!

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Erin said...

Hey! Cool recipe blog. :) Ali - I saw your post on The Sisters' Cafe. I already posted my pesto recipe - I should have noted that in the Eggplant Mozzarella Mountains recipe. In fact, I think I will go back and change that. Anyway, the pesto recipe is listed under the Chicken Pesto Pizza with Pinenuts and Feta recipe. You'll see it if you scroll down a bit on our blog. Thanks for stopping by!
-Erin at The Sisters Cafe